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Unbundled Legal Services

Unbundled legal services are in essence limited-scope legal retainers. Under limited scope retainers, lawyers provide legal services for part, but not all, of a client’s legal matter, by agreement with the client.

The use of limited scope retainers can be employed for a variety of tasks — from contract drafting to court appearances to negotiations and collection matters. A limited scope retainer is an option for obtaining legal representation where the cost of retaining a lawyer to review a matter is simply not affordable and self-representation is too risky. Unbundling of legal services has also been recognized as an access to justice issue in Canada and the US.

The provision of unbundled legal services has been recently regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada. The Law Society’s Rules of Professional Conduct were amended to provide lawyers with guidance for the provision of such services, including their definition, professionalism, duty to clients and responsibility to the profession. More information about the amendments can be found here.

Monthly Retainers

Legal costs are part of doing business. They are also a business risk. One way to manage this risk is to be proactive and use our monthly retainer services. We also offer traditional hourly billing, fixed fees, and value-based billing.

We will charge a monthly fee which is specifically designed to cover a client’s particular legal need or needs. This allows for proactively managing risk and addressing all issues on an ongoing and timely basis. In our experience, monthly retainers create a good client-lawyer relationship because clients do not feel pressured by the clock.

We also offer monthly retainers for litigation services. This allows for addressing disputes before they require expensive efforts on resolution or court time. Fixed-fee and monthly retainers make sense when a client can estimate that there are one or several cases which “go all the way” over a period of time.

Virtual in-house counsel

The cost of in-house counsel is prohibitive for many small and medium-sized enterprises. “Secondments” from law firms are also impractical. With our Virtual in-house counsel services, we are able to provide our clients with a set number of hours of legal services per month for a fixed fee. We are able to travel to our client’s locations and work side by side with them. We can also liaison with external counsel and assist with any ongoing litigation in-house.

Trial and Litigation Experience

We have the experience before all levels of court in Ontario to handle complex litigation successfully. We are also mindful of the cost: Pyrrhic legal victories are not in the interests of our clients. We know what works and what does not. We have experience with successful jury and non-jury trials. We deliver.

Lawyer Referrals

Unique cases require unique skills. In the appropriate cases, we will refer you to leading lawyers and firms. We will assist you in obtaining the best value.

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